About the Book

Melissa Blakesly is a young woman living in Chicago who holds a demanding job as a marketing project manager. Tiring of the hectic lifestyle and an unfulfilling relationship, she decides to take time to regroup and heal. She heads to the cottage she has inherited from her grandmother, in the quiet town of Sovereign, Iowa.


When a violent lightning storm swirls around Melissa and plunges her into darkness, she is not afraid—until she hears the front door rattling. When it is forced open, it takes all her courage to stand her ground. She soon finds out that she needs more than self-reliance. After the storm passes, however, Melissa discovers that the people of Sovereign are willing to nurture her and help her find the peace she has been seeking—and a love she could never have imagined.


In Sovereign: A Journey to Peace, a young woman searching for serenity and an escape from a stressful work environment relocates to a cottage in Iowa, where she starts a new chapter in life.


Sovereign: A Journey to Peace


ISBN 13 (Trade Paperback): 9781973626336

ISBN 13 (Hardbound): 9781973626329

ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781973626343

Sovereign: A Journey to Peace

Sovereign: A Journey to Peace